It's hard to believe, but the holiday season has officially been kicked off. The thing that people wait for to signal the return of silver and gold decorations, Bing Crosby playing endlessly on the radio, and soul-crushing shopping excursions has happened.

Starbucks has officially revealed their new holiday cup. Once again this year, they say they wanted to give you the chance to personalize your cup by coloring it in however you want.

I know for you it's probably not that big of a deal, but for those of us who live and die by their morning latte, getting a glimpse of the new Starbucks holiday cup gives us that first thrill of the season. Yes, later on it becomes a beatdown sometimes because of all the pressures of having the perfect Christmas season, but for right now, before all the shopping, cooking, visiting with family members and trying not to throw things at them because of their political beliefs, we get to focus on the little things that make us happy.


I think I need to cut back on the caffeine.

Merry Christmas!

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