I thought the latest Avengers: Endgame movie sucked - there I said it!

Believe me – I more than anyone else wanted to walk away knowing that all my favorite Marvel characters would have a great ending but instead, I got a mash-up of sad after sad scenarios and alternate versions of my beloved superheroes.

Avengers: Endgame was an okay movie for me, cinematically it was awesome but it didn’t do what Marvel movies have done best over the past few years, and that was to thrill and excite me from start to finish.

Before I saw the movie my friends had told me how awesome it was without giving away too much detail and I was so excited to see the movie, but then once I saw it I was rather disappointed.

Listen, this movie didn’t stay consistent with who these characters were:

I didn’t want a watered downed Hulk – I wanted a mean, pissed-off green giant bashing everything!

Thor the God of Thunder shouldn’t have been sent away in this last film as a fat, gross dude, who let himself go – we want to see the tough, arrogant, hot guy who does his thing.

Captain America shouldn’t all of a sudden start cursing just because it’s the last movie – he should have done that when demonic looking aliens were falling out of the sky in Avengers.

This was all wrong – I feel like this last installment stripped away the entities of who I perceived these superheroes to be and instead gave them all feelings and made them too humanly vulnerable for my taste.

I get it – it was very emotional, Robert Downey Jr. was probably the only one that stayed true to his character and I mean barely scratched the surface. The others, not so much. And don’t even get me started on Black Widows death – blah!

For a three hour movie – I expected more. I wanted better tech, deeper magic, bigger fight scenes, more screen time for all the other superheroes, I wanted more, much more.

The closing chapter and culmination of all these incredible marvelous Marvel movies was sadly nothing but a letdown.

In the end, I’ll probably watch it again and maybe it’ll grow on me – but as of now – It's thumbs down for me on this one.

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