We asked our listeners and those who follow us on social media to tell us which El Paso nightclub from back in the day they missed most.

Grahams (Graham Central Station) got a lot of mentions as did the OP (Old Plantation). Anyone who loved to dance to Tejano remembers Margaritas.

Partying in Juarez was a big deal and almost a rite of passage decades ago, and many El Pasoans have memories of flocking to Vertigo, Club XO/Alive, the Copa, and Electric Q to name but a few.

Those who have been around longer than others – or, as one commentor hilariously put it, “tell me your age by the club you remember” – recall the Tree Top Lounge, and Surf Club fondly (shout out to the Barmuda Triangle, y’all).

Judging by the number of comments we received, many of our memory banks have that one place from our bar-hopping days that may be long gone, but definitely not forgotten.

Elizabeth Compean: The Phoenix on Lee Trevino

Alice Katherine Morales: Rods and Wheels

Adam Rene Montelongo: OP!!!! Sound system, music, lights!

Preciosa Pearla: Grahms central station baby all kinds of clubs all in one

Lisa Hinojosa: Dallas Niteclub the BEST club EVER!!

Barbie Ann Gomez: Denim & Diamond on Viscount

Manny Flaco Velez: Cadillac bar which is now hooters

Adriana Vasquez: Monopoly's in the 80's; Graham's in the 90's!!!

Before the 25-plus-years I’ve been at KISS-FM, I spent a little over a decade up the dial at another radio station (yes, I've been on the El Paso radio airwaves that long) and we did a LOT of club nights in those ten years. Consequently, I spent a lot of Thursday through Saturdays in nightclubs.

I could regale you with stories about my weekend nights clubbing at the Phoenix, Mustang Sally's, Monopoly's and the Cadillac Bar if my memory wasn’t so hazy now. What can I say? I was a radio deejay with a free bar tab.

Club 101

Bored Films/KCOS
Bored Films/KCOS

But the club that most El Pasoans miss the most is Club 101.

Aimee Hernandez: The first 101!!! Some great times, lots of amazing concerts and so many memories made!

Gabby Rodriguez: 101 will still be the best to me

Cecilia Valles Montoya: The Original Club 101 downtown

Before there was the Union Plaza District, there was Club 101. Before El Paso had an Alt scene, there was Club 101. The fabled former downtown club quickly became the club to be at on a Friday and Saturday night.

Yeah, it was the ish. And if you were lucky enough to be around during its heyday you will never forget it. Sigh. Good times, man, good times.

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