Taste of El Paso is November 12th and tickets are selling fast. To get you ready to eat some of the best food in El Paso, we’ll be previewing each of the restaurants and the dish they’ll be serving at the 2014 Taste of El Paso.

 The Green Ingredient

Located downtown in the Chase building, The Green Ingredient is transforming healthy food into craveable delights. As one of the best places to get a healthy meal in El Paso, The Green Ingredient offers a variety of items from freshly made juices, to warm vegan meals, to tasty baked chicken strips.

Their Taste of El Paso meal pays homage to their Peruvian roots, while offering a meatless, yet flavorful vegan option. The dish, Seco de Champiñones with a side of quinoa and peruvians beans, is hearty and satisfying. Translated, it's mushrooms and potatoes tossed in a cilantro puree and served atop steamed quinoa and a side of mashed peruvian beans. It's slightly spicy, but not overwhelming. The flavors are typical of Peruvian cuisine and are plentiful, but mild. Each bite has enough spice and flavor to last just long enough until you crave another bite. Don't worry, carnivores. You'll find this dish just as satisfying as any meat option. It's that good!


If you're interested in trying healthy food, but concerned it might not taste good or be filling, give The Green Ingredient a try. They're bending the rules on what defines "healthy food" and making unimaginably delicious items, good your palate and your body. When you're ready to take the leap to a healthier, tasty lifestyle, give them a try. If you're in the Downtown El Paso area, they'll deliver!


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