There are a few things that an artist in particular will compel me to hand over my money and Zac Efron is one that always sells me. Aside from his dashing good looks, he just seems to be pretty normal if you keep up with him on his social networks. The Greatest Showman is about man who loses his job and begins a venture in featuring the world's most interesting people. Within the movie, many “sideshow freaks” and “out of the ordinary” type people build his staff. Zac is a playwright and actor who joins the cast and falls in love with a woman of color played by Zendaya. The romance between the two wasn’t as dramatic as I was hoping but the two look good together on screen. The film focuses on the success of the “Circus” very quickly and of course what goes up must come down. Hugh Jackman who leads the circus troops is very interesting to walk as he is dancing and singing and shown in his success and his demise. Jackman’s own love story and heartbreak are woven into the film alongside Michelle Williams. Be prepared for a musical style film with lots of theatrics and some history behind the man who invented what we now know as the circus. Watch the trailer for The Greatest Showman below:

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