Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child opened up to the girls of The Talk about her issues with depression. Mental Health has taken a front seat in the world of conversation among celebrities including Demi Lovato, Kid Cudi, Daniel Tosh opening up about their struggles. Michelle Williams describes her experience as trauma from her past.



She continues to speak about her darkness bringing her to the point of becoming suicidal along with trying to normalize the conversation about mental health and mental illness. Michelle Williams credits Beyonce’s father for urging her to be grateful but not understanding the helplessness experienced while suffering from mental strain.




While I don’t have a heavy experience with depression, I have experienced bouts of anxiety and often times the two go hand in hand, so if I were to offer any advice on how to support someone going through a challenging time; it would be to listen. I believe that everyone wants to be heard and sometimes we don’t even need anything tangible more than we would like someone to offer an ear or a shoulder to lean on. :)


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