Ah, Buc-ee's. I've only ever heard the stories- but everyone who has told me about it has nothing but good things to say about it! I've never been but if I ever find myself in East Texas, Buc-ee's will definitely be my first stop!

Currently, the New Braunfels store off Interstate 35 is the world’s largest convenience store, measuring more than 66,000 square feet worth of good food, drinks, home goods, souvenirs, pristine bathrooms and whatever else someone would ever desire, I'm especially fond of the Beaver Nuggets- and I'm not the only one as Food & Wine have named the iconic Beaver Nugget the best snack in all of Texas!


I know what you're thinking: If I've never been to a Buc-ee's, how do I know about Beaver Nuggets? Well, because I have good friends who have gifted me Beaver Nuggets before; and I will admit that at first, I laughed at the name, but just one nugget and I. WAS. HOOKED!

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I don't know what a Beaver Nugget is supposed to be, but it is addicting and I do have to agree with how Food & Wine describes them:

...Think corn pops, but if each one were dipped in delicious caramel, and you're basically there. Not for the faint-of-teeth.

Yeah, they're like Corn Pops, but somehow way more addictive!

When I think of Buc-ees I certainly think "TEXAS", but it is certainly easy to fell left out living in El Paso; when do we (us in El Paso) get a Buc-ees? We don't have a Buc-ees, we don't have an H-E-B, when is it our turn to have something that connects us with the rest of Texas?! We need a Buc-ee's, and we most certainly need a to get our Beaver Nuggets fix!

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