During this time, many kids are being homeschooled. Parents are having to take on the tough role of teaching their kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just think of the craziness that is happening inside many new home classrooms.

When you don't have the option to be sent to the principal office, students might just push the rules. Heck, maybe there are no rules.

Either way, those of us who had to spend all our grade school years in actual classrooms made some amazing memories. We took to Facebook to ask some El Pasoans to think about the good old days when you would get in trouble for dumb reasons.

My dumbest reason for getting in trouble at school involves scaring a teacher. For my digital studies class, I had to team up with two fellow classmates and record a video. In this group of three, I proudly took on the role as director as the other two acted in a video. I wouldn't really call it acting because all they did was dress up as a Wildcat and scare people. Keep in mind, I am just holding the camera.

One teacher didn't appreciate our storyline. She was a victim of our Wildcat scare prank and held a grudge against me. Once the digital class was over, the same two classmates and I had the teacher we scared for the next class. As soon as I walked into her political science class, she sent me to the office, while letting the other two classmates sit down. Incredible.

Anyway, this is not about me. It is about our wonderful 93.1 KISSFM listeners. Scroll through and read about some of the ridiculous reasons fellow El Pasoans went to the office.

93.1 KISSFM Listener's Share the Dumbest Reason They Got in Trouble at School

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