With one Tweet, the world has created a new cool kids group. I already like to think of myself in this arm freckle gang that @aarynwhitley has started BUT I have many questions as to what qualifies you for this arm freckle gang. Aaryn is asking ladies, to share their wrist freckle, but I have seen a few people accepted into the gang when they have a freckle on their hand or a little away from the write. Are men allowed in? Is this what our future is? Does this look cancerous? Oh wait, that might be a mole. Are moles accepted?

Now, my first thought was, "is that a tortilla?" Due to memes already joking about people with arm freckles that look like the little specks on tortillas. You are late on the joke Aaryn, just saying.

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Either way, this arm freckle trend continues on Twitter, because we are all easily amused. The real question is who is my twin and has a freckle on the inside of their purlicue? Oh yeah, you bet I googled what to call that. Let the photos start flooding social media about purlicue freckles!

Emily Slape