If you ever have the opportunity to meet Willie Cager, consider yourself lucky. You're especially fortunate when he makes conversation with you. If you need a refresher on who Willie Cager is, he was a member of the Texas Western College basketball team.

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In fact, Willie Cager was a part of the team when they won the championship game in 1966. Luckily, a friend of mine had the chance to personally meet and greet Willie Cager. But for people who met Willie Cager, usually, always have something highly about him.

For example, one of my friends Gabriel Rodriguez shared a picture he took with Willie Cager. Gabriel Rodriguez mentioned Willie Cager was watching his grandson play basketball. After his grandson's game wrapped up Willie Cager made his way to the scorer's table to greet the coaches and the opposing team's coach.

This is where I can see so many people have the utmost respect for him. The reason Willie Cager made his way down to greet the coaches was to wish them good luck and thank them. Gabriel Rodriguez turned around and recognized Willie Cager immediately.

Gabriel Rodriguez got to chat with Willie Cager about basketball stuff. But Willie Cager gave praise to the coaches for volunteering their time to the kids. Mr. Cager has tons of respect for adults who help lead young athletes in the right direction. So if you volunteer as a coach to youth sports leagues props to you. Willie Cager appreciates and thanks those who dedicate their time to helping others. The video below features Willie Cager's scene in Glory Road below.

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