If you were wondering when you will be able to go to a restaurant or other business without a mask and sit wherever you want because there are no more capacity restrictions, Governor Greg Abbott has your answer. The Texas governor announced yesterday that "It is time to open Texas 100%." He said that beginning next Wednesday, March 10, all statewide business restrictions put into place due to the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted.

Abbott said that those state mandates are no longer needed, including the mask-wearing requirement. He said that will also be lifted. The only good news about this boneheaded move is that if hospitalization rates reach 15% over a two-week period in an area, the county judge in that area would have the authority to re-implement local restrictions. We know from the fights that El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego has had with Abbott in the past that he has no problem putting tough restrictions into place.

Sanja Radin
Sanja Radin

You would think that after a year of dealing with masks we would all welcome the end of the mask mandate in Texas, but if you were on Twitter yesterday you know that isn't the case. People were furious about Abbott's move and they didn't hesitate to roast him on the social media platform.

I have to wonder what the heck he is thinking considering we are nowhere near the numbers we need of people vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, but oh well, I guess I'll just double mask to stay safe around people who won't mask in public. The hashtag COVIDIOT was trending for hours after Abbott's announcement and you can see from just these few tweets that people were wondering if Abbott was trying to kill off the state's residents first with not responding well to the winter storm a few weeks ago and now with canceling the mask mandate:

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