Texas Monthly doesn't always do a lot of reporting on El Paso. We might get the occasional mention if there is fight over the city's struggle with history and progress, or giving us props for our amazing Mexican food, but rarely do they go gaga over our homes. In February's issue, however, they have a beautiful spread dedicated to a home in El Paso that deserves a lot of attention.

The home belongs to Jeremy and Heather Cuthbertson and it tells of how they went from a 1920s cottage in Kern Place to an ultramodern home on top of a mountain. The photos are color-soaked and make you think that you're going to catch a glimpse of George and Jane Jetson wandering around. The view of the city from all sides of the Cuthbertson home is enough to make you want to build your own mountaintop getaway.

Check out the full article and try not to be totally jealous of this amazing El Paso home.

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