When you think of reality tv shows, The Jerry Springer show is not only of the most well known shows, it's also given us years of insane, crazy yet hilarious moments (some involving rock & metal artists). One moment in particular came from a Texas man named Daryl, claimed to have the "biggest snake" on the show. But that wouldn't be the only reason why people remember this story. So in honor of the late Jerry Springer, why don't we look back on the story of Daryl & his...snake.

When did Daryl appear on the show?

The episode aired on July 20, 2018 (Season 27, Episode 155); the episode stars Daryl, a girl named Jade. In the episode, Daryl talks about how he claims to have the biggest...snake, in the state of Texas. (and yes he DOES mean an actual snake).

Northern Red-bellied Snake

However that's only part of the story. As Daryl talks to his girl, Jade, he tells her that "you can't pet my snake no more!". Afterwards, Jade would reveal that she planned on leaving her fiancé FOR Daryl...who was his cousin. Turns out he would find out...

And it was after THAT... well the show got much...MUCH crazier

See for yourself...

Speaking of love... who can forget THIS man who "LOVED" Arizona

And when we say this man loved Arizona, it was actually a woman NAMED Arizona but the clip was too funny NOT to include. Especially with the twist ending..

Moral of the story... keep your "snake" in its cage.

R.I.P. Jerry Springer.

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Thank you for the memories.

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