Being that the biggest ones can crowd 9 feet in length, you might want tp keep an eye on small pets and infants/toddlers.

The biggest snake in Texas isn't venomous but it constricts its prey and can be big enough to take down kids and pets. Perhaps even adults if it can somehow get around their necks.

They're pretty strong and, especially if you're freaking out, can cause a loss of consciousness and, possibly, death by strangulation.

OK, something pretty weird would have to happen for one of these to take down an adult or a large pet like, say, a Doberman.

Baby And Snake
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Small kids though could find themselves struggling to breathe and pets up to about medium size ... say 10-12 pounds or so ... probably won't win against these guys.

Even if they don't actually eat Fido, they can still take him out.

Texas Indigo Snakes Can Be Over 8 Feet Long.

Texas Indigo snakes can get pretty darn big.. We're not talking a 20 foot python here or anything but, 8 - 9 feet is a lot to wrestle with.

Fortunately, they are pretty passive, shy and would WAY rather slither away than stand their ground.

In Texas, they tend to live near permanent water sources like lakes, rivers, etc.

What Is The Largest Venomous Snake In Texas?

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Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes are the largest venomous snakes in Texas.

Unlike Eastern Diamondbacks who can also, routinely, top 8 feet; Texas, (western), Diamondbacks average 4 - 6 feet.

Still too much, I know. If you do find a Texas Indigo on your property don't get too upset.

For what it's worth, Indigo's will totally eat a rattlesnake for lunch.

Given a choice between the 2, I'd let the Indigo stick around as long as he wants.

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