I think I've mentioned before how much I cannot stand snakes! Even if they are cute like this Texas Blind Snake, and if even if they're named after one of my favorite snacks. Snakes give me the heebie-jeebies.

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Trust me when I tell you that when I stumbled upon this video on Twitter, I got the chills! A snake slithered on down to a bar in Dallas and made itself at home. The venue is called Life's Good Bar & Grill and someone caught the whole thing on camera.

Check it out below, although I will warn you that there is some unsavory language in it, so maybe don't have your volume all the way up!

Oh, sh*t!

Yeah, that would be my same reaction if a snake just slithered onto me! I can tell you that I would be the first one to run at first glance of that snake! Apparently this is a harmless rat snake; fun fact- rat snakes are apparently good climbers!

I would have freaked out but I'm sure the way the guy in the video handled it is the way you're supposed to handle it; he didn't make any sudden moves, he stayed still and the snake just went on its merry way.

I would not have kept it that cool, and many in the comments agree!

I’m trippin on how calm he is! I could never…

There is one thing I'm curious about, what is that hanging off the snake? Is it shedding?

Life's Good Bar & Grill have seen the video and responded perfectly to it saying:

Even Snakes Know Where The Best Bar in Dallas Is!!

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