Lesbians cannot live together, at least that is the ruling by a judge in North Texas who says that because of a morality clause in one of the women’s divorce papers, it is unlawful for the two to cohabitate.

The morality clause is extremely popular in divorce cases across Texas, as it serves to prevent a divorced parent from having any of their new love interests from staying the night while the children are there. However, in most cases, this clause can be rendered null and void in the case of marriage - a luxury not afforded by the Texas gay and lesbian community.

According to reports, during a divorce hearing earlier last month between Carolyn and Joshua Compton, County District Judge John Roach Jr. ruled that Carolyn Compton’s girlfriend, Page Price, had 30 days to vacate the home the two shared with Compton’s daughters to remain in compliance with the Compton's 2011 decree.

Joshua Compton’s attorney, Paul Key, said that they felt the need to push the issue of the morality clause for the benefit of the kids.

"The fact that they can't get married in Texas is a legislative issue," he said. "It's not really our issue."

Price and Carolyn Compton said that they feel the clause goes against their constitutional rights, but regardless of the inconvenience to their family, they intend to comply with the order.

They are currently considering filling an appeal.