The insane heat in Texas this summer is not only a health issue for people, Texas mechanics are seeing strange issues in our vehicles because of it.

From shortening the lifespan of certain parts to potentially life threatening system failures, mechanics are reporting all kinds of problems related to the heat.

Watch closely how your vehicle is behaving and make sure you are maintaining it properly.

As far as maintenance goes, start with the windshield wipers.

This crazy heat will make the rubber disintegrate quicker than usual and the plastic components could melt.

You may not notice it with a casual look but, when you need your wipers, they could fall apart, scratching your windshield and leaving you unable to see clearly.

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Speaking of windshields, a friend of mine who repairs windshields advised me to avoid shiny, reflective windshield shades.

Stick to regular, cardboard ones that don't intensify the heat being reflected onto your windshield.

That weakens the glass and makes it more likely to crack.

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Hot asphalt and low tire pressure are a terrible combination.

Be sure you have a tire gauge in your car and keep tires properly inflated at all times.

Check them in the early morning while they are cool for the most accurate reading.

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Mechanics in Texas are also seeing more cases of "brake fade".

Brake fluids inside the cylinder under the hood of the car can absorb moisture, with the heat under the hood causing that moisture to expand within the fluid.

When that happens, stepping on the brake pedal can feel “mushy,” with the vehicle owner needing to take the car in for maintenance. - KTSM

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You may need to change your oil at slightly shorter intervals than the usual 5,000 - 7,000 miles as high heat causes oil to break down quicker.

Be especially aware of this if you idle your car a lot to let the AC cool it off before you get in and drive.

This puts wear and tear on the oil that will not be reflected in the number of miles driven.

For more tips, click here.

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