The lone star state's Governor Greg Abbott was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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News outlets confirm that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is doing well and isolating to avoid infected others.

In an ironic twist of events, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who’s been fighting mask mandates across the state, has tested positive for COVID-19.

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According to CNBC, the governor’s office issued a statement saying that Abbott was “experiencing no symptoms” at this time. The statement goes on to say,

Governor Abbott is in constant communication with his staff, agency heads, and government officials to ensure that state government continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

The governor is reportedly vaccinated and is receiving Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment and plans to isolate in the Governor’s Mansion.

Abbott, who lifted the mask mandate earlier this year, issued an executive order banning local governments and school districts from requiring facial coverings and prompted San Antonio and Dallas school districts to sue. Meanwhile, El Paso City Council voted to file a lawsuit against Governor Abbott over his mask mandate ban on Monday night.

El Paso Imposes New Lockdown Measures As Coronavirus Infections Soar
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As the novel coronavirus persists, the new Delta variant has been confirmed in El Paso. On July 30, County Judge Ricardo Samaniego and Mayor Oscar Leeser held a press conference announcing the first three positive Delta variant COVID-19 cases in El Paso, which has led to 11 breakthrough deaths.

Health officials warn that although vaccinated, it is possible for breakthrough cases to occur, as it did with Governor Greg Abbott, who was vaccinated but still tested positive for COVID-19.

Residents who are still on the fence about taking the COVID-19 vaccination are encouraged to visit any one of the free vaccinations sites across the city. For more information, visit EPSTRONG.ORG.

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