Whether you've lived in Texas or not, you're familiar with the design of the flag: the classic red, white & blue flag with the star in the blue section.


Classic design for a flag. Except... that's NOT the Texas flag. That is the flag for the country Chile.

THIS is the Texas flag:

Pete Alexopoulos
Pete Alexopoulos

Side by side the two flags certainly DO look similar to each other but you can tell which is which. Chile's flag has a long red bar & a blue square while the Texas flag has equal red & white bars and the blue bar is more of a rectangle, not a square.

Yet centuries later, people still get the two designs confused.

When did Texas get its original design for the flag?

The Texas flag design we all know was adopted by the Republic of Texas in Houston since January 25, 1839. The colors all represent something unique to Texas & the country:

  • Red for courage,
  • White for purity & liberty
  • & Blue for loyalty.
  • The star represents the unity Texas has for the United States
texas flag USA waving
Martin Holverda

Meanwhile the flag of Chile was adopted in 1817 & its colors have different meanings:

  • the white representing the snow on the Andes Mountains,
  • the blue representing the sky,
  • the red for the blood bled by the Chileans when fighting for independence from Spain.
  • & the star is generally believed to be a symbol of progress & honor

Whether or not Texas took the design from the Chilean flag is still up for debate but it's clear that while each flag looks similar, they each are different in their own ways.

And yet people still think they're the same.

Go on social media sites & you'll see many users fail on making the difference between the two or realizing that they are in fact two different flags entirely.



Even lawmakers FROM Texas make that mistake:

One TikTok user even got VERY upset seeing people use the Chilean emoji when talking about Texas.

WARNING: He does use strong language

@ivanantoniochacon♬ original sound - Ivan

However some users are making sure people know that yes...the Texas flag & Chilean flags are indeed different.


So if you never knew the difference, or you just needed a reminder, now you know!

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