A Texas Sonic Drive-In has taken action after a worker put a racial slur on a customer's receipts.

Sonic Drive-Ins are known as popular spot to grab a yummy drink at a great price and some delicious tater tots. The tots are life. But a Sonic Drive -In in Texas is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

A Sonic in Fort Worth, Texas made headlines after a worker was accused of writing racial slurs on customer's receipt.

Tyrone Moseley and a friend stopped in at their local Sonic for lunch last week and ordered on the patio. Usually, the establishment takes the customer's name but Moseley said this time they didn't.

After the pair were done eating, Moseley said he happened to look at his friend's receipt and saw that instead of a name, the word "Mexican" was there. He then looked at his receipt and saw a variation of the N-word.

Moseley told Fox 4 News,

“One of the workers, she came outside. I asked her and said, ‘Do you know anything about this? Is this how y'all put the name of your customers on your receipt?’ She was like, ‘Ugh… no.’ But then she kind of giggled and just walked off and kept going."

Moseley told the news station that the car cop who took his order was also black.

Moseley said that he doesn't use the N-word, it bothers him that the worker used that, especially at a business where he spends his money at. The employees at the Fort Worth Sonic location at Fairfield Avenue and Camp Bowie said that they weren't allowed to comment, but Sonic did tell Fox 4 this:

We understand that a carhop wrote an offensive word on one customer's receipt and a different offensive word on another customer's receipt. The franchisees who own and operate this drive-in consider such behavior to be completely unacceptable. They have already investigated the matter and report that the carhop is no longer employed by the drive-in.”

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