Can you tell a person is from El Paso from just the places they namecheck or how they say things and phrases they use? I think so. For example, you can be anywhere in the world, anywhere, and if you hear someone mention Chico’s Tacos you know you’re in the company of an El Pasoan.

Chico's Tacos is one of those references that only someone who grew up in El Paso or spent some time soaking up the local culture gets.

We put my theory to the test recently on Mike & Tricia Mornings by asking our listeners, “tell us in a few words you’re from El Paso without saying you’re from El Paso.” Per our listening and social media audience, if you recognize any of what’s below, you’re from the city of the 915.

Tell Me You’re From El Paso Without Saying You’re From El Paso

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• "I'll eat my broccoli. YUCK."
• “My Oscar, he’s such a good boy.”
• “Hi, Dick!”
• Reply with an “ay, ay” and it's a dead giveaway that your from El Paso lol! Or "I know, huh?"
• No manches

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• You refer to the interstate as “the freeway.”Or, “the I-10”
• You add a nonexistent “s” to Airway and refer to the street as ‘Airways’
• “Basically” and “literally” are part of a lot of your sentences
• When you meet someone, you don’t ask where they’re from; you ask, “What high school did you go to?”

Mike & Tricia Mornings - Tell Us You're From El Paso

• You say “lower it” when what you really mean is “turn it down”
• “Lemme have a double order”
• Spaghetti Bowl
• Rosa's Cantina
• Scenic Drive

• The Star on the Mountain
• J-Town
• Chuco Town or El Chuco
• La High, La Bowie, or La Jeff

Michael E. Molano

• You don't understand the use of turn signals
• Certain times of the year you use a heater and air conditioner in the same day
• Tried to go to the zoo, accidentally went to Mexico
• jajaja!

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