If you loved the hologram of Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (or even if you thought it was a little creepy), you're going to lose your mind over this teen's unbelievable rendition of the King of Pop's 'Billie Jean' dance -- moonwalk included.

Performing at his school's Talent Rally, the swift teen effortlessly glided across the floor in a stunning display of talent, dressed in his MJ best, wearing a black fedora, blazer, loafers and, of course, a single glove. But it was so much more than his outfit that made him act the part. The flawless act, which featured him doing some seriously fancy footwork and some jaw-dropping pelvic thrusts, ultimately culminated in him doing an unbelievable moonwalk across the school's gymnasium. It's seriously like his feet didn't even touch the ground.

There's a reason this video is going viral: the kid has some serious, serious talent. Check out his amazing Michael Jackson routine in the video above!

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