The iPotty is unbelievable and out of stock!

Okay, this might be too much technology. is selling this CTA Digital 2-in1 IPotty with Active Potty Seat for only $39.99! It has an adjustable stand to securely hold your iPad, a easy to clean inner potty bowl, seat and of course, splash guard. Unfortunately, it is temporarily out of stock. You can get one in a few months but would you really want this for your kid?

I know I am not the most qualified person to talk about potty training a kid but do we really need to get children stuck on the toilet playing Angry Birds like the rest of us?

Why not give them a classic children's book instead? I don't remember getting to play anything while I learned, I had to focus on the goal.

I think they should want to spend more time running around outside than on the toilet. What about you?

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