OMG! Forgive me for fangirling. I legit just received one of Taylor Swift's highly fan coveted Christmas cards.

I may not have received a cardigan like the ones she gifted her celebrity friends but I did receive one of her Christmas cards.

Swiftie fans have been swooning over Taylor Swift's recent Christmas card that features all three of her pet cats, Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Buttons.

Until this morning, I had no idea that I had been a recipient of Swift’s card. I realized what it was soon as I ripped open the envelope that had been sitting on top of my mail for the last 2 weeks.

Taylor Swift Christmas Card 2020 c

The front of the card features her three cats, all perfectly photoshopped, dressed up in a Santa hat, scarf, and party hat. The card's background is also a nod to the cover of her first surprise album, “Folklore.”

Taylor Swift Christmas Card 2020 b

Open the card, and it reads, “Wishing you a season of moments so wonderful, they become folklore. Love, Taylor Swift and everyone at 13 Management.”

Taylor Swift Christmas Card 2020 a ma

Okay, so technically, her management team sent out the card my way, but it’s still a huge fan moment for me.

Taylor Swift and her team are notorious for sending tons of merchandise and promotional items our way, from coffee cups and tumblers to t-shirts and totes. In 2018, Taylor Swift and her team even sent me a legitimate VIP Package from her Reputation Tour. It was a suitcase that housed a mini screen with a personal message from Taylor Swift talking about what to expect on her tour along with a VIP badge, book, and framed ticket.

I still have that VIP Package, and now I can add her Christmas card to my Taylor Swift memorabilia.

Thank you, Taylor Swift!


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