They knew exactly what they were doing sending me to Orange Peel. Everyone at the station knows I am the biggest sweet freak. This is why I love my job!

I was in culinary heaven! Orange Peel not only was eye candy it smelled delicious as soon as the door opened! We met Julie, the proud owner and pastry chef and all around awesome everything do-er at Orange Peel! With cupcakes, eclaires, cheesecakes, tarts, and oh yes the gluten free friendly pastries, it was amazing! And delicious doesn't even begin to describe the wonderful flavors.

For Taste of El Paso, Chef Julie told us she will be serving three desserts. A gluten-free option and a low sugar option, which are both featured in the gallery below, and lastly she’ll be serving something “more complex” that features the most deliciously soft chocolate sponge cake ever (sponge cake pictured, unfinished).




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