Taste Of El Paso is November 12th in the convention center, downtown. Here's a look at what one of this years participants will be serving.

Around The World Catering, 7900 Knights Drive, will be a part of this years Taste Of El Paso event. They're not a typical, "dine - in" restaurant...not yet anyway. For now they're an amazing, locally owned and operated, catering service that prepares the best food ever and brings it to you. Parties, office meetings, formal affairs, informal gatherings, whatever you plan; they'll make sure your guests leave stuffed and happy! Call them at (915) 449-5114.

Owner/Chef Chris Morril, a Scottsdale Culinary school graduate, let me try their Taste Of El Paso offering; Chipotle lime roasted chicken with tomatillo sauce, arroz verde, (a cilantro infused rice), and grilled watermelon salsa.


The chicken was sooo good, marinated in a spicy lime sauce with grilled onions and yellow, green and orange peppers. The rice was equally incredible, with a lime tang to it.

image5 (1)

Everything that Around The World Catering offers is made from scratch, even the tostadas which have a very tasty, spicy, seasoning added to them. The salsa was also excellent. Made from grilled watermelon, which sounds weird I'll grant you, it's delicious and refreshing. It totally rounds out this meals perfect balance of hot, sweet and sour.


I'm a picky eater so, trust me, when I tell you this dish is muy excelente. By the time I finished, you couldn't tell there had ever been anything on that plate!

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