If your kids are fans of the PBS problem-solving duo Peg and Cat, mark your calendar for a special screening of the The Peg + Cat Mystery Hour.

Peg and Cat will solve a spooky Friday-the-13th problem and then in “The Disappearing Art Problem,” Peg and Cat will turn into museum guards to figure out how shapes are being stolen right off the paintings. The screening wraps up with 1+1 = 2 adventures aboard the Peg + Cat Express, where missing lollipops, bananas, symphonies, and chickens can only mean there’s a thief on the train.

It is so much fun to show kids the joy of watching their favorite characters on the big screen, and this is a great way to help support education programs on KCOS. All the ticket sales will go toward funding those programs. You can reserve your seat with a donation of $1-3. This is an all-ages show with Baby Day rules - noisy young fans won't be asked to leave the theater but the theater is asking that cellphones and other devices stay dark.

WHAT: Peg + Cat Mystery Hour
WHEN: September 10, 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse, 250 E. Montecillo
COST: $1 - $3 donation