We've seen some new laws go into effect in Texas for 2024; some people like them, and some people don't. Well, now there's another new rule that is going into effect involving many peoples' favorite (?) website... well... "The Hub". People have been sharing their voices online, and to put it lightly...they ain't happy about it.

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What's the new Pornhub law in Texas?

According to The Hub themselves, they have made it a requirement that for anyone who tries to access the website in the state of Texas, you MUST verify your age first. Now this is not a simple click on the "Are you 18 or older," button and you're in. No, that's not gonna fly anymore.

I get why they're doing this -- they want to protect anyone who's NOT 18 from viewing the content on the Hub; nor do they want anyone uploading anything illegal with ease. So... I understand WHY they're doing it. That doesn't mean everyone else does...

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What have people been saying about the new Texas law regarding PornHub?

Ah yes..you can find reactions everywhere but specifically on Reddit & oh boy...that's where you can find MANY, MANY comments on this new law. At the moment, there are over 3.5k comments, and most of them want to take a shot at the local government.

But there are some pretty hilarious comments like these ones:

byu/snowthief5 from discussion

Comment byu/snowthief5 from discussion intexas

byu/snowthief5 from discussion

It'll be very interesting to see what changes (if any) will be made to this law in the future. In the meantime...well... looks like there are some changes you'll have to make in your "habits".

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