Rebecca Black

Mr. Rogers, Auto Tuned!
For those of us who grew up with Fred Rogers, aka, MR. Rogers, this auto-tuned remix will make you love him all over again!
JibJab’s Year in Review Parodies Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black, and More [VIDEO]
Every year, the folks over at JibJab give us an animated year in review, and they’ve done it again for 2011. You’ll find a lot of 2011′s top newsmakers and stories in the clip below, including (deep breath) Charlie Sheen, Herman Cain, Lindsey Lohan, Dr. Conrad Murray, Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s love child, unemployment, Anthony Weiner, Rupert Murdoch, the Japan earthquake and non-gay Bert and Ernie
Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Gets Reworked for Kohl’s Black Friday Ad
Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday’ was one of the biggest viral videos of 2011, and just when you though the song was dead, buried and gone from our collective consciousness, it’s getting a shot in the arm and dragged back to the forefront of pop culture in time for the holidays. As reported by The FW, the song has been reworked for a Kohl’s Black Friday ad, with a zealous shopper (who has a little crazy in
Fun, Fun, Fun: Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Is Back on YouTube!
It looks like the party is still going: According to Gawker, Rebecca Black’s infamous ‘Friday’ video is back on YouTube after it was unceremoniously pulled on Thursday. The video was initially taken down from YouTube due to a legal dispute with Black’s label, Ark Music. According to TMZ, Black’s team alleged that Ark had wrongfully exploited her image and her song “because Ark does not own the rig