It only makes sense that Rebecca Black would follow up her so-bad-it's-still-really-bad viral hit 'Friday,' which took flight in 2011, with 'Saturday.' It's her collaboration with YouTuber Dave Days.

Yes, that's a lot of "days." Too many perhaps?

The sun-splashed video finds Black, now 16, and her friends partying, hitting the beach, driving in a convertible and acting like they own their town. They live for the weekend, which is pretty much the case for any high schooler. Nothing new there! However, we can't help but wonder how they get such easy access to houses in which to party. They're teens with parents, who are suspiciously absent.

Ah, whatevs. Suspend disbelief.

We've seen and heard worse. It's not quite a guilty pleasure, but...

...we'll sit here and wait for 'Sunday,' because you know that's coming next, right? It seems like a logical leap to make...

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