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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Plot Synopsis Revealed
After years of false starts and delays, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales finally began filming in Australia yesterday. And that’s not a moment too soon for the franchise’s star, Johnny Depp, who hasn’t headlined a hit since 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean:…
Johnny Depp Practices Acting With Barbies
Actors! They're weird! Johnny Depp may be one of Hollywood's brightest stars, but that doesn't mean he's immune to the weirdness of artistry -- in fact, Depp has kind of gone whole hog on this being "out there" thing, and it's very much a part of his process as an …
Watch Johnny Depp's Drunken Speech at Hollywood Film Awards
So this is why we don't see Johnny Depp on stage very often (ever?) at awards shows. Last night at the Hollywood Film Awards, Depp introduced the documentary ‘Supermensch,’ about legendary talent manager Shep Gordon, and immediately made it pretty clear that he was not sober-minde…
Johnny Depp's Cigarette Butt for Sale
Another sign that our society has run a mock. Paparazzi chasing celebrities and selling their trash on eBay. Johnny Depp's was at Ago in Hollywood on New Year's Eve when paparazzi found him in the parking lot, smoking a cigarette.

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