Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for $50 million for defamation stemming from an Op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post.

Johnny Depp Libel Trial Enters Third Week
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In the Op-ed, Heard writes about being a “public figure representing domestic violence. But nowhere in the article does she mention Depp by name or even level any accusations against him.

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So why is Johnny Depp suing her for 50 million? We were listening to some of his testimony on the MoSho and I think we may have hit on something: I don’t think Johnny Depp files this suit with the intention of winning. What he’s really after is a public acknowledgment…in a court of law no less…that Amber Heard’s article wasn’t about him.

FACT: Heard doesn’t mention Johnny Depp in the op-ed he’s suing her over.

FACT: There have already been witnesses testifying that BOTH parties were awful to each other.

FACT: The easiest way to win the case is for Ms. Heard to simply say, “I wasn’t talking about him in my essay”.

Also a fact…everybody assumed she was talking about Depp in her opinion piece. She talks about being abused in college and acknowledges that she is kind of a public face of domestic abuse.

She very pointedly DID NOT directly accuse Johnny Depp of anything in her column. Her legal team very specifically told the jury that this case was ONLY about whether what she wrote in that article was “protected speech under the first amendment”…which, clearly, it is.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Defamation Trial Continues
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This civil suit is not about Johnny Depp “winning”, except in the court of public opinion. My prediction is that the defense and Ms. Heard will “win” the case by stating, under oath and on the record, that the WaPo op-ed was NOT about Johnny Depp. Depp will “win” for the same reason.

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