Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton!
I love, love, love me the Peter Frampton!  And I don't care that everyone hates the movie 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', I'll go on loving it all by myself!
Holy Hopping Hologram Batman!
So as I'm sure most people know, Dick Clark passed away this past week but Coachella also proved last week that not all of our idols are completely lost when they were able to resurrect Tupac via a hologram and have him perform "live".  I'm assuming that the technolo…
Mike’s Video Vault: Beatles Love Mash-Up
This is kind of cool. Performer Grant Woolard does a mash-up of 22 different Beatles songs that have "love" as a memorable lyric. Check it out, and see how many of the 22 you can name