Over 30 years ago, Las Cruces, New Mexico got one of the most amazing shows in history: the appearance of Paul McCartney. Paul definitely needs no introduction but what DOES need to be said is that, Paul McCartney only did one show in the Land of Enchantment & Las Cruces was the lucky city to see Sir Paul play back in the 90s.

When did Paul McCartney play Las Cruces, New Mexico?

The stage was set (no pun intended) for April 20, 1993 at the Aggie Memorial Center located at NMSU; people on TikTok might remember this stadium for it's "ugliness".

Nevertheless, this place was the location for Paul's The New World Tour that ran from February 18 to December 16, 1993. Las Cruces was actually the 3rd U.S. date on the tour.

Luixpa: Solo Beatles Content via YouTube
Luixpa: Solo Beatles Content via YouTube

Paul would open up the show with a Beatles classic, "Drive My Car" before going into some of his solo work & various Wings songs. Amazingly, that very concert even became a live album called "On the Road to New Mexico" that included the entire show.

Luixpa: Solo Beatles Content via YouTube
Luixpa: Solo Beatles Content via YouTube

The cd is quite hard to find but thankfully, the audio from that show made its way onto YouTube. Which means... yes. You can hear the whole show from start to finish. To date, it remains the only New Mexico concert Paul has ever done.

While El Paso never saw Paul McCartney, we did see ANOTHER Beatle in town

His brother on the sticks, Ringo Starr, has played El Paso saw him TWICE with his All Starr Band:

  • August 26, 2003 at the El Paso County Coliseum,
  • & October 30, 2017 at the Abraham Chavez Theater.

So hey even though we never saw George or John, at least the Borderland saw HALF of one of the greatest British bands of all time.

If you want to enjoy more Beatles content, you can see the ONLY Texas shows The Beatles ever did HERE.

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