So as I'm sure most people know, Dick Clark passed away this past week but Coachella also proved last week that not all of our idols are completely lost when they were able to resurrect Tupac via a hologram and have him perform "live".  I'm assuming that the technology is only going to get better and more realistic.  Imagine still being able to attend a "live" American Bandstand performance hosted by a young Dick Clark and with all your favorite artists from years past.  Here's a few acts that I would pay money to go see perform "live".  What would your "Holographic Bandstand Lineup" be?


OPENING ACT/WARM-UP - Richard Pryor: I know Mr. Pryor isn't exactly a musical act but it's my list and he happens to be my favorite comedian ever.  I figure it's OK if I cheat a little bit with it.

Freddie Mercury/Queen

Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead

Kurt Cobain/Nirvana

The Beatles

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