It looks like El Paso's very own the Taco Shop is at it again, offering up an new exotic and intriguing dish.

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In the past, the Taco Shop, with two locations at East or West, has offered up some unique dishes, like when they offered ants as a taco meat option.

Before that, they offered some interesting and exotic options. !

I have to admit, the presentation of these looks intimidating, but I've heard good things about how the tacos have been prepared- which is why their next exotic offering, while it seems daunting, I'm sure tastes delicious.

This time, the Taco Shop is offering sopes, because they offer more than just tacos! Of course, these are no regular sopes. These are armadillo sopes! I know, it sounds weird, and I'll admit, the picture made me jump, check it out below!

I have to admit, that finished product does indeed look tasty!

Sopes are a great alternative to tacos (they're basically just a thicker, fried base), and while I've never had armadillo, I can't deny that I am interested in tasting it.

I also think it's pretty cool that The Taco Shop is offering a taste of these for free, it gives people the option to try it and see if they do like it.

While the comments section is filled with many mixed emotions, I feel like we shouldn't be that surprised! I'm sure in many different parts of the world, and deep in the rancho in Mexico, options like armadillo or snake, scorpion and spiders aren't all that out of the norm to put in a taco! I've definitely heard that snake isn't so bad- and I have to admit, I'm a bit curious to try these kind of tacos and the armadillo sope, and I'm also hella interested in seeing what the Taco Shop comes up with next!

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