As it is said, everyone's been known to have their own opinion and that is totally okay. There are people who don't really enjoy eating tacos which we all have a name for them, and that is loco.

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But for the people who do enjoy eating tacos from time to time have a certain preference. Then again, there are certain tacos some of us avoid at all costs that some are daring to try.

You should know by that hint I am referring to worm tacos a true Hispanic wouldn't mind eating. The last time I had the chance to try a worm taco was in Mexico City just before the bullfights.

Do know I was only a sophomore in high school and waited in line for a worm taco that I ended up wussing out of when I was next in line. But if I had to rank my top three favorite tacos to grub on I know some of you would also consider a favorite.

If you also feel tacos are life, then get your senses and especially your tastebuds ready for the first annual Tacos y Mas Festival. That is where I will be on Saturday, July 30 from 5 to 7 pm working and more than likely eating too.

My top favorite tacos you will more than likely see me grubbing on will be tacos al pastor, barbacoa, and birria. But I sure do hope to see someone making worm tacos just so I can actually fulfill something I attempted in high school. But apparently, there will be exotic tacos that you will be able to try this Saturday for those who dare.

Tacos y Mas Festival is a family-friendly event where you can enjoy live music from AB Quintanilla y Los Cumbia Allstarz and more. There will be plenty to see and do since there will be activities and games for the whole family.

Of course, the main reason you would go is the food so you can count on taco food trucks and vendors ready to serve you. So if you want to come and grub out on tacos with me hit up the Cowtown Boots Event Center at 11401 Gateway Blvd. West this Saturday.

You can purchase your tickets online or at Classico Kitchen, all Vista Markets, or at the door. You won't need to purchase a ticket if your child is 12 and under since they get in free. I hope to see you out at the Tacos y Mas Festival this Saturday, July 30 at Cowtown Boots Event Center.

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