Fellas, I'm guessing you haven't bought your better half a Valentine's Day present yet, right? That's okay, you still have time. And if you're looking for some direction, let your Uncle Mikey -- and this survey -- be your guide.

According to the results of a national poll, what women most want on Valentine's Day is ... wait for it ... jewelry! Nearly one-third of the ladies surveyed would choose bling if they could only pick one gift for Valentine’s Day. Jewelry was followed by two other standards; flowers and chocolate.

At the bottom of the list are fitness or exercise items. Only 1% of the ladies surveyed would appreciate you thinking she’s fat. Hard to believe, huh?

Here’s how it broke down:

#1.) Jewelry, 29%
#2.) Flowers and chocolate, 20%
#3.) Perfume, 9%
#4.) TIE: A technology product, and lingerie, 8%.

The bottom line is this; when in doubt, stick to the tried and true. Like I always say, it's a stereotype for a reason.