There's happy to see you, and then there's really happy to see you.

That was the case for Helen Ball Elementary student Alexis Page when her father, Master Sgt. Elias Page, returned home expectantly from Korea on Wednesday (March 6) after a 5 month deployment.

The heartwarming moment when Alexis suddenly realizes the parent she thought was overseas but is actually right there in front of her was caught in a series of snaps and video taken during her lunch break.

What I love most about this homecoming is how a super-excited Alexis practically sprints over to her dad and gives him a massive hug. Talk about getting a hero's welcome!

According to school officials, Master Sgt. Page is being promoted to Sergeant Major, which is why he is back in El Paso. Welcome home, sir. Congratulations on your higher rank, and thank you for your service.

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