The quarantine at Sunland Park Racetrack has finally been lifted after weeks of being secluded. What was only supposed to be only 14 days was well over that.

Credit: Ingram Publishing
Credit: Ingram Publishing

The virus found in the horses at the Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino is what is known as equine Herpes Virus and it can be deadly to horses. Authorities at the racetrack have confirmed that 5 horses at the racetrack have been tested positive for the EHV-1 virus and suspension of the races is a precaution to keep the unaffected horses free from the virus.

The EHV-! virus is a dangerous strain and can leave the horses with neurological damage and even become fatal, even to fetuses of a pregnant horse. Horse health is their main concern and getting them all well is number one priority. As of now each horse has to have their temperature taken twice a day and logged to ensure they don't also fall ill to the virus.

Authorities are also testing blood samples from the infected horses in addition to isolation of those horses. The strain cannot be passed on to human handlers but human handlers can pass it between horses. Extreme precautions are being taken at this time and it does not affect the casino part of the resort.

UPDATE: The quarantine was lifted since no new cases of the fast-spreading virus were reported in the past 14 days. Races have been on as normal and all is back to business at Sunland Park Racetrack,



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