The continuing transformation of I-10 in west El Paso has moved on to its next phase, which has led to the closing the Sunland Park underpass entrance ramp to I-10 East.

The ramp, used by motorists coming from the Doniphan side of I-10, has been shut down permanently.

You are still able to enter I-10 from that direction for now, but you will have to continue straight and turn right at the traffic light at Sunland and Paisano.

Google Street
Google Street

An alternative is to take Constitution Drive. From Sunland Park Drive, take a right onto Constitution just past Bob-O’s. That will take you to Crockett St. where you can then enter I-10 east.

One other option is to take Doniphan to the recently opened Paisano connector just past Rosa’s Cantina. From Paisano turn left onto Executive Center Blvd. You can then access I-10 east from Executive.

Google Maps
P Google Maps

The permanent closure of the underpass is the next step in the complete overhaul of the I-10/Sunland Park Interchange.

Check out the video below to see how the Go-10 Project will completely change how you'll get around in west El Paso once the transformation is complete sometime in 2019.

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