Sorry west side drivers, the intersection blocking and jockeying for position around the Sunland Park Mall area will be the norm through the summer and into fall.

TxDot officials say once the new Sunland Park flyover ramp opens at the end of April, the next step will be to shut down the Sunland Park overpass.

Go10 Facebook/TxDot
Go10 Facebook/TxDot

On or about April 30, the overpass that allows traffic to get across I‐10 will be closed between the two traffic lights for at least five months so that crews can demolish and reconstruct the overpass. When that happens traffic will be detoured onto the newly constructed adjacent bridge until the project is completed.

The replaced overpass will have an increased clearance height and additional lanes, per a post on the Go10 Facebook. Its new support columns will be located to make way for the collector-distributor (CD) lanes, which run alongside I-10's main lanes.

Press play on the video below for a visual of how traffic will flow once construction is completed. Officials expected the Go 10 Project to be mostly completed by the end of 2018.

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