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How about more rides, music, and animals for another week? Well, you may be in luck should the Sun City Fair be extended for one more week!

This Monday, the El Paso Commissioners Court will vote to approve the notion of running the event until the 17th of April. It's generated more than $40,000 since it opened at Ascarate Park back on April 1st, and due to the amount of success could be extended for one more week if the council approves the contract with the people in charge of the Fair.

I really hope they do since i have yet to go myself and really doubt i'll be able to go on the 10th which is the last day of the Fair according to the original contract. I've heard they have live music going on, all these cool rides and also a PETTING ZOO?! Really?! Oh, gosh, I hope they have bunnies!