Thanks for coming out and partying  with us at this year's Downtown Streetfest. From all I saw, heard and read everyone had a great time feasting on the food, fun, fireworks, and music. 

I'm Old School. I grew up and came of age to music from the '70's, so I was pretty psyched about watching Bachman & Turner on Saturday night. As far as I"m concerned, they rocked it!  They busted out with all the AM Radio hits I know and love,  from their opener “Roll on Down the Highway” to the show’s encores, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”  and “Takin’ Care of Business“.

The 'oh wow' moment for me, though, was mid-way through when they played “Stayed Awake All Night”.  I loved it for two reasons: one, I had no idea BTO was the originator. All these years I thought it Krokus. And two, Bachman's use of a drum stick to play his guitar while adding a wa-wa effect, and then segueing into the distinctive sound of “American Woman” -- the big hit from Bachman’s other band, The Guess Who -- was EPIC!

I loved it so much, I've included it in this post for those who missed it or loved it as much as I did and want to re-live the moment. I should note this video is NOT from Streetfest. It was recorded in Ontario in August of 2010, but is a note for note rendition of what we were treated to at Streetfest. (I have, however, included video of  'Hey You' that WAS shot at the Streetfest just underneath.)  Enjoy! ...

Bonus Bachman Streetfest video: ‘Hey You’