Winners have been chosen for the best art piece created at StreetFest 2015.

Congratulations to all the incredible artists who participated in the StreetFest 2015 Live Art Contest.

During the Street Festival this year we had a variety of live artists, muralists, and even body artists taking place at the Arts Festival Plaza in downtown El Paso.

Rob Zombie by Robert Garcia

Congratulations to both Robert Garcia who created the Rob Zombie piece and Victor Soto’s Weezer sweater piece, both artists perfectly capturing the essence of the StreetFest 2015 weekend.

Weezer Sweater by Victor Soto

The contest included 12 artists who were given the criteria of making their art piece:

  • StreetFest themed
  • Visually appealing
  • Unique
  • Draw a crowd.

The StreetFest Committee was torn between these 2 pieces because, as you can see, they are both beautiful art pieces with completely different styles.

The combination of the pieces does reflect the entirety of StreetFest weekend and these two artists will share the title of Best Live Art piece created during StreetFest 2015.

Those interested in purchasing either art piece can do so by contacting Emily Beardmore at

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