Last Thursdays El Paso begins today, March 28, 2019, and therefore the El Paso Streetcars are extending operating hours.

As you head out today for the entertainment, art and gallery crawl at Last Thursdays El Paso keep in mind that the El Paso Streetcar will be extending its hours of operation to accommodate visitors.

The weather has been pretty gorgeous the last few days and today is perfect for an art and gallery crawl in downtown El Paso.

The Streetcar service will operate today through 11 p.m. today and throughout the season up until November of Last Thursdays El Paso.

Tickets to ride the Streetcar can be purchased at any ticket vending locations at each pickup route. You can also use the farebox by using an exact change of $1.50 per ride and they also offer discounts to students, military and senior citizens.

The streetcar offers 27 convenient stops throughout the 4.8-mile route connecting Downtown El Paso to Glory Road with access to museums, restaurants, and other establishments making it easy for riders to enjoy Last Thursdays El Paso.


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