Lovers of Halloween décor rejoice; you about to be dropping dollars. Spirit Halloween is opening its stores in El Paso soon, according to its website.

The seasonal pop-up where you can buy plastic vampire fangs, a sexy pumpkin costume, and a large assortment of spooky indoor and outdoor decorations will bring back to life 4 out of business locations from the empty storefront graveyard, including its first ever (to my knowledge) Spirit Halloween location inside Cielo Vista Mall.

Because Halloween retailer is a franchise with thousands of individually operated store nationwide, there is no official company-wide "opening day." Currently, only a Northeast location is open. A Far East, West, and the mall location will be up and running by the end of August.

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Their late-summer appearance is both a sign that the most ghoulish time of the year is right around the corner and a testament to how popular the spooktacular faux-holiday has become.

Spirit Halloween Stores in El Paso

Getty Images
Getty Images

Spirit Halloween - Dyer
• Now Open
Surety Village former Albertsons
9111 Dyer Street

Spirit Halloween - Cielo Vista Mall
• Planned Opening: 08/23
Former Banana Republic

Spirit Halloween - Las Palmas Shopping Center
• Planned Opening: 08/24
Former Pier One
1327 George Dieter Dr.Suite D

Spirit Halloween - Remcon
• Planned Opening: 08/28
Former Stein Mart - North Mesa St. & Remcon
7410 Remcon Circle

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