Because this Easter Sunday isn't going to be like any we've ever seen due to the coronavirus, here is something that might make your day with your family a little more enjoyable and leave you with something to look forward to for years.

Make a family time capsule. So many of us don't ever get the time to sit down and go through family papers or photographs with our kids. They need to know the history of your family and learn to leave something for future generations.

Here's how to get started:

1. Look through your photos - Everyone has a gazillion photos on their phones. Go through them and decide which ones you want to live forever in print. Lots of people print photos off their phones at home. Do that and start a photo album - your kids will be fascinated that these actually exists - and after we have returned to 'normal life' you can continue adding to the photo album.

2. Take video - Sometimes when my folks are talking when my family is at a get-together, I very sneakily turn on the camera on my phone and take video of my folks just talking. Do that with your kiddos when they're playing together, when your family is having breakfast, when everyone is just hanging out. You can post those online to your Facebook page and choose the privacy level you want, but it will be there forever. Leave a note with details about how to access the videos in your time capsule.

3. Do a little online investigating - If you don't know much about your family, now would be a good time to do a little climbing in your family tree. There are lots of services out there that can help you track down your ancestors and once you have information either write it down yourself or print it out so future generations can have details in writing, not just family stories passed down verbally.

4. Don't forget your family's story - How did you and your spouse meet? What was your first date? Was it love at first sight? Spill the details in writing so when your kid's kids ask about you and your spouse, they can have a detailed picture of their family.

If you want to get some ideas about how to fill out a time capsule, click here for some great ways to get your kids and you into the spirit of a family time capsule.

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