If you're a Spectrum TV customer, you need to get ready to go digital. Spectrum announced that they will be getting rid of their remaining analog channels and go all digital. Broadcast TV stations were supposed to switch from analog to digital signals in June 2009, but because Spectrum didn't all have digital TVs, they hadn't made the change.

Spectrum officials say that 90% of their customers now have digital tvs, so now is the time for the change. You will now need a Spectrum digital receiver on all of your televisions if you are a Spectrum customer.

If you have one or more TVs not connected to a digital box, you can get a free box for one, two, or five years, depending on your TV package. If you have more TVs than your allotment of free digital boxes, then you will have to pay a monthly box lease fee of $6.99 per box. The switch to digital isn't changing package prices. They can either mailed to you, or you can pick them up at a Spectrum store.

The digital switch begins this week. You should have already been notified when your service will be upgraded.

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