Neon Desert Music Festival is asking, ‘Who stole the D?’ after the weekends festival in downtown El Paso.

Neon Desert Music Festival posted on their Twitter account a picture of one of many selfie background stations throughout the footprint asking, "Who stole the D?", referring to the letter D missing from one of those selfie backgrounds.

NDMF Twitter

Actually, the green letter D was never missing - apparently, it somehow came off or more likely fell off and somehow made its way to the corner of Mills and Florence St. by the food truck area were it hung out for the last day of the festival. This information comes firsthand because as I made my way back and forth I kept seeing it thinking that someone just got tired of carrying it around and left it behind. That letter D rested on the corner against a bike rack and just kind of became the backdrop to those who sat around the sidewalk eating.

So there you have it, mystery solved. No one stole the letter D at Neon Desert Music Festival but I hope it too had as much fun as we did!